• Space Structures Portfolio

    We supply exciting products for space applications:
    Innovative Metal & Composite Structures, Bolt Analysis Software, MGSE.
    Our experience makes Space Structures the ideal partner for Build-to-Spec projects.
    We support customers with dedicated engineering services during the complete development cycle.

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  • Structures

    We develop, build and verify your custom structure in Build-to-Spec projects as a specialised partner for high performance space applications.
    The lightest, most stable struts on the market? Space Structures offers true all-CFRP struts of unrivaled performance, design flexibility and cost.
    You have vibration issues? Try our high vibration damping solutions!

    CFRP Damping Parts CNC

  • Analysis

    Simulation Models - FEM, GMM, TMM - and associated analyses compliant to stringent ECSS and customer requirements are our daily work.
    From part and equipment level via subsystems to complete satellite - we know how to simulate them!
    NASTRAN, ESATAN-TMS, THERMICA, VAOne are our everyday tools.
    Our knowledge and experience is your advantage!

    Structure Analysis Services Thermal Analysis Services

  • SpaceBolt™

    The only commercially available European software for bolt analysis according to space standard ECSS-E-HB-32-23A.
    Positively evaluated by the European Space Agency (ESA) and with a steadily growing customer base the software is on the way to become the industry standard.
    Find out how you can also increase the productivity of your team!


  • Testing

    Mechanical testing - from elementary tests to complete satellites - we know how it works.
    Certainly the most exciting test in the young company history was the Vibration, Acoustic and Shock Testing of the SGEO HISPASAT 36W-1 PFM satellite.
    A 3.2ton, several hundred million Euro heavy satellite - tested based on our lead engineering input.

    Test Engineering Services

We develop Space Products.

For in-house development or as a service to customers - we know what it takes to bring hardware in space!
This Engineering Know-How is our core competence.
Our main activity is the development of carbon fibre composite structures including large spacecraft primary structures.
Other areas of expertise include development of instrument structures, opto-mechanical systems, electronic equipment, propulsion systems, ISS instruments & experiments, MGSE.
Space Structures is successfully involved in R&D projects. These provide the fundament on which new products are based on.
We supply SpaceBolt™, the only commercially available European software for bolt analysis according to space standards. Our software engineering also offers custom software development for special applications in the mechanical and thermal domains.


Electronics housing delivered to Airbus Defence & Space . 23 Oct 2018

Space Structures welcomes MT Aerospace and C3S as new customers for Bolt Analysis Software SpaceBolt™. 16 Oct 2018

High Performance Bench Structure delivered to Elbit Systems ELOP . 26 Sep 2018

Space Structures contracted for analysis & verification of ESA BIOMASS satellite structure. 17 Jan 2018

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Meet us at the ECSSMET in Noordwijk May 28-Jun 1,
at our booth. 28 May 2018

Space Structures welcomes Hensoldt and KT-Optics as new customers for Bolt Analysis Software SpaceBolt™. 30 Jan 2018

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