Precision Assembly

High performance structures for space applications are typically an assembly of individual parts. While the individual high performance parts are already a challenge, the key to the overall structure performance is in the assembly processes.
It is important to have deep know-how on the principles and processes:

  • Bolted joints (compare also our software solution SpaceBoltâ„¢)
  • Helicoil installation
  • Preload application
  • Implementation of additional locking features
  • Riveted joints
  • Adhesive joints - especially for optical applications
  • Surface preparation for all materials
  • In-process samples and associated testing
  • Precision alignment during assembly
  • Conception, design and manufacturing of associated jigs&tools
  • Cleanliness during assembly
  • Precision geometrical measurement for verification

Space Structures has assembled more than a dozen structures for critical applications such as spacecraft primary structures, optical payloads and their sub-assemblies as well as electronic boxes.