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For Analysis and Verification of bolted connections we offer our software SpaceBolt™.
This Tool enables analysis of bolted connections according to:
   • VDI2230 "Systematic analysis of highly loaded bolt connections"
     in combination with
   • ECSS-E-HB-32-23A "Threaded Fasteners Handbook" (Space standard for bolt analysis).


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This combination is unique to our software. It is the only commercially available software combining these norms.
Another unrivaled feature is the database function for bolts, nuts, inserts, material and friction coefficients.
Our customers get a validated and userfriendly solution for the daily bolt verification work.

The following modules are available:

Module Functionalities
1 - Core Module Analysis of one bolt group, single loadcase, simplified flange definition, preload only as prescribed torque. Graphical user interface.
Mandatory for all other modules.
2 - Detailed flange definition Detailed flange definition and calculation of flange margins of safety.
Mandatory for module 2a.
2a - Joint diagrams Draw joint diagram for min and max preload.
3 - Preload methods Definition of preload by Installation preload (torque-free tightening), utilization on max preload and utilization on tightening.
4 - Database Database functionality for materials, bolts, threads, nuts and friction parameters.
5 - Multi-group option Define an unlimited number of bolt groups.
Mandatory for module 5a.
5a - Excel interface for bolt groups Import/export bolt groups with simplifed flange definition via Excel spreadsheets.
6 - Multiple loadcases Simultaneously analyse multiple loadcases via loads defined in .csv file format.
Mandatory for modules 6a and 6b.
6a - NASTRAN results parsers static Interface to read NASTRAN static load results (CBUSH, MPCF, Nodal Temperatures for bolt temperature) directly.
6b - NASTRAN results parsers dynamic Interface to read NASTRAN dynamic/vibration (frequency response) load results (CBUSH, MPCF) directly.
7 - Averageing of shear loads for sliding Calculate sliding margins for averaged shear loads of the bolt group.
8 - Fracture Control Generate unitary stress values for crack growth analysis (NASGRO).

Some screenshots are shown in the following:

SpaceBolt™ Screenshot 1