Thermal engineering

Thermal control of space products is an extreme challenge. Our experience helps you find a design that works.
We work according to stringent requirements of european space standards ECSS-E-ST-31C, ECSS-E-HB-31-01 and ECSS-E-HB-31-03A. For thermal analysis we use state-of-the-art software suites such as ESATAN-TMS®, THERMICA® und Thermal Desktop®.

Thermal modelling and analysis
• Modelling based on CAD design data (GMM)
• Problem-adapted discretisation
• Consideration of all relevant boundary conditions (radiative, conductive - TMM)
• Consideration of thermo-optical properties (TMM), beginning of life / end of life
• Steady state heat flow analysis
• Transient heat flow analysis
• Definition of required radiator areas
• Definition of required heater power and locations
• Efficient analysis of all possible orbits and spacecraft configurations

Thermal design
• Selection of appropriate thermal control hardware items:
   • Radiators
   • Heatpipes
   • MLI
   • Heaters
   • Heat straps
   • Thermal interface filler (e.g. Sigraflex®)
   • Surface coatings (OSR, black/white paint, etc.)
• Optimisation of thermal control systems

Thermal Model of a satellite

Thermal Model of a subsystem

Thermal Model of an electronic box