Hybrid Struts

Industry-standard struts with the best value-for-the-money.

Struts consisting of composite material tubes an metallic fittings, aka hybrid struts.

Such struts can be made of a combination of the following options:

  • Composite material tubes (CFRP, GFRP)
    • Material selection according to the application and desired properties.
    • Layup according to the desired properties.
    • In filament winding technology or prepreg hand-layup.
    • Circular, rectangular or other cross section geometries.
    • Optional pultrudet off-the-shelf tubes for minimum cost (limitations on material, geometry and layup apply).
  • Metallic fittings (aluminium, titanium, invar, etc.)
    • Bonded and/or riveted to the tubes.
    • With threads, close-tolerance holes, bearings or other features on demand.
    • Surface treatment, special threads (e.g. Helicoil) and heat treatment of the metal parts on demand.
    • Off-the-shelf DIN standard single and fork lug fittings possible for minimum cost (limitations on material and geometry apply).

Example applications: