.  Integral Full CFRP struts

For decades the industry standard in struts was composite tubes with metal end fittings. Struts attachment fittings have been very difficult to manufacture with lightweight FRP (fibre reinforced polymer) materials due to limitations of the FRP manufacturing technologies.

The struts/rods/beams developped by Space Structures are a true innovation and World First. They are manufactured as an integral single piece including the fittings - everything in CFRP!

The SpaceStrut™ family of struts has the following unique characteristics:

  • Full CFRP . including the interfaces
  • Maximum ultra-lightweight . 50 - 80 % mass saving depending on length
  • Dimensionally stable . No thermal expansion, insensitive to thermal cycling. Special DoubleZero™ variant with zero CTE and CME. CTE can also be customised.
  • Reduction of number of parts . By integration of attachment brackets into strut design

Other properties and advantages of SpaceStrut™ family include:

Example applications:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 650018 (Phase 1) and No 696376 (Phase 2).